Your Precious Life.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” -Mary Oliver


I’m glad you found me here.  It means you’re curious.  Curiosity is the first step to make change happen.  My own curiosity brought me to this incredible path of studying herbs, yoga and Chinese medicine – I can remember one of those first curious moments, having a massive migraine in Taiwan and my landlord dragged me to an acupuncturist who tucked me behind a green curtain and poked two small needles into each of my temples and my headache immediately went away.  That was one moment in my life I realized magic was “real” and so was modern witchery, so-to-speak.  So I studied Chinese language, studied herbs, I went on shamanic healing journeys and meditated and hiked mountains, flew across the world several times…let me tell you how a little curiosity can change your life.

Ask yourself the above question today.  Here’s some truth – your life is precious, whether you are spiritual or not, believe the glass is half-empty or half-full.  Are the things that you are doing now to your body, in your day-to-day, honoring that?  Do you honor your precious life by taking care of your mind, body and spirit?

I do.  I want this life to be healthy and happy and I wish the same for YOU.

(Photo above taken Summer 2014 in Ecuador, a whole universe of life on a tiny leaf)


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