A story of wheatgrass: choosing what’s right for you.

I confess that sometimes I ask Google for help.

I browse the internet looking for what people are writing about herbal remedies, and I find these funny websites where I see things written that look like a little cut and paste: “Want to know how to heal IBS?  Top 10 herbal remedies!”  I actually had a couple friends who would get hired to write these things, and they were actually paid to cut and paste from other sites (and free-write)!

Recently I came across this forum where a woman told her story about wheatgrass.  She had started drinking wheatgrass shots daily, sometimes twice, because of the advice of a friend because it’s a “superfood”.  She started breaking out in this horrible skin rash that wouldn’t go away, experiencing nausea and digestive upset.  After elimination of the shots and going to the doctor, the skin cleared up, but the woman’s question on this forum was, “How can I continue to drink the wheatgrass shots without having this horrible side effect?”  In other words, how can I continue to do this thing that I think is so good for me even though it’s causing harm to me?

I had a friend whom whenever I would go to their house, they would show me all the supplements they were on.  Dr. Oz or Oprah or someone told them about XYZ, maybe that week they learned that everyone was Vitamin D deficient, so they ran out and bought some Vitamin D.  Or probiotics – probiotics are all the rage right now!  I asked, well what are you eating?  (And if you’ve read any of my other entries, I of course asked about exercise, sleep, water, etc.)  And they weren’t really doing any of those things.  Not sleeping, never going on walks, digestion was poor, and so on.  My point is that sometimes what we think is universally good, actually is not for us as individuals at that time.


(A swirly universe inside my Watermelon juice with wild blue-green algae, served up at the lovely Wendy Green’s Casa Verde Raw Yoga Retreat in Ecuador)

So my answer is: Listen to your body!!!  The above photo is a great example – these green superfood powders like Spirulina, or Blue-Green Algae are so great for you, right?  So is watermelon – it’s a fruit!  But together, this is a very cold combination – if it’s middle of Winter in Seattle, you probably shouldn’t be drinking this everyday (and the quality of the product too is extremely important).  Not everything is good for everyone all the time.  Ever heard the phrase, “Even moderation of moderation is good”?  I have tended towards food sensitivities most of my life, so I understand this.  The first Naturopathic doctor I ever saw said I had a wheat and dairy allergy, which at the time I had a sensitivity (probably just like everyone else), but I held onto that diagnosis for a long time.  Sometimes those things can change, and you sometimes can make them change.

What if you let go of the wheatgrass for now (or whatever your “wheatgrass” is)?  It doesn’t mean forever, and maybe it does.  If you could never drink those wheatgrass shots again, don’t you think it’s possible that you could find that “superfood” and those “super nutrients” in another food or get those in another way?

It’s worth a thought!


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